Get The Look Katie Holmes

It may be married to a couch-jumping Scientologist, but its ability to casual look elegant on a daily basis with some accident in leather pants does not matter that she has the cutest accessory ever in the form of daughter Suri, we fascinated with Katie Holmes style.

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Cruise Missed Cultural Movie Plot By Miles

Tom Cruise? As I saw that there were three results. Each of Hollywood Cruises would overcome deficiencies and art are a historically. And the man who lead us to loot, so deliciously and inextricably intertwined with the pathological power by the Nazis? Why, none other than the venerable, ephemeral ...

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Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick Still Together

Despite non-stop the voices of dissolution, Sarah Jessica Parker and were Matthew Broderick side by side, as they have their way inside Friedman Theater in New York City on Thursday evening (January 22).

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Who Is Selena Gomezs Favorite Co Star

When correspondent, Michelle Gomez Hummel asked how he met Demi Lovato, replied, in line We met at Barney. Teen star, Selena Gomez to chat about working on a new album and the film with his best friend, Demi Lovato, and told them a funny story about his favorite co-star. C was 1400 children and we sat in line together.. We have been listening to this great event, it was so hot.

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Victoria Beckham Jets Out Of Milan

Shes no stranger to a neutral travel program, and today Victoria Beckham was noted that arriving at Milan airport to catch a departing flight. It seems that the former Spice Girl arrived in Italy just a few days ago for the Milan Fashion Week, but shes already heading off to another destination.

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